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COM 3131 Interpersonal Communication


The upcoming 3131 online course, Interpersonal Communication begins 8wk 2, Monday, Oct, 12, 2020. Taught by Dr. Shirley Oakley, here is the information:

COM 3131 Interpersonal Communication 3 credits

This course explores communication within the context of professional interpersonal relationships. Topics include interpersonal communication concepts, monitoring the internal and external environmental factors in interpersonal relationships, determining the relational context, identifying the appropriate communication channel for interpersonal exchanges, and reducing unintended messages. Students will demonstrate their understanding of diversity in their interpersonal relationships.

Prerequisite: (ENC 1101 or ENC 1101H or IDS 1106 with a minimum grade of C) and SPC 1017 with a minimum grade of C or SPC 1017H with a minimum grade of C or SPC 1065 with a minimum grade of C or SPC 1608 with a minimum grade of C or SPC 1608H with a minimum grade of C)

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New speech elective offered at Clearwater

A new speech course elective, SPC 1631, “Voices of American Women,” will begin Spring 2020 as an online course taught by Dr. Shirley Oakley.

This new course examines women’s public discourse in the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries, and discussions will focus on the social and cultural significance of women’s participation in public discourse, issues of credibility and the nature of arguments, both within and about women’s public address. The text From Megaphones to Microphones and other documents and media will be used to examine the historical content of speeches and the publics’ reactions to speeches. Since 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the woman’s vote (19th Amendment), this course is particularly timely. For more information, contact Dr. Oakley at