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Police Chief of St. Petersburg Visits Downtown Center

St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway, a St. Petersbrug College graduate, spoke with SPC Downtown Center students during the college’s Fall 2019 Communications Week, held in November.

St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway speaks to members of the audience at a presentation on communication skills.
St. Petersburg Police Chief and SPC alumnus Anthony Holloway

It was a full house as 60 students, faculty and staff attended the event. Holloway spoke on the importance of good communication skills. He focused on effective speaking skills in the workplace and addressed writing accuracy in drafts, reports and texts. He explained how this can be used in court or be requested as a matter of public record.

The police chief also spoke with students on the importance of developing good communication soft skills: giving good handshakes, looking individuals in the eye and introducing one’s self confidently.

A Q&A session brought questions regarding students’ personal social media accounts and possible implications for future jobs and promotions. Holloway also answered questions on body cams and employment with a prior police record.

Communications Career and Academic Community Week

This event was held as part of the college’s Career and Academic Community weeks this fall. Each Spring and Fall Term, SPC highlights the 10 Career and Academic communities at the college with weekly series of events that offer students and others the chance to explore a specific community.

SPC’s Career and Academic communities group similar majors into concentrations. Students benefit from advisors dedicated solely to specific programs, a closer connection to experienced faculty, collaboration with like-minded students, and a path toward their chosen profession.

A big thank you to Chief Holloway for taking the time and engaging with our SPC Downtown students.