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Communications Career Exploration Workshop Set for April 5

Communications Career Exploration event

Attend St. Petersburg College’s Communications Career Exploration Workshop for those looking to major in the communications field:

The Career Services Department at the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus is hosting a Career Exploration Workshop for communications majors or those considering a career in the field. This will be a two-part workshop with an industry expert answering questions during the first half. Career Services staff will help you prepare for a career in the communications field during the second half.

Expert advice

Communications Career Exploration eventDuring the first part of our workshop, we will be joined by Professor Stacey Hughes, English professor in the Communications Department. Professor Hughes brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and will be sharing valuable insights. Along with Professor Hughes’ talk, there will be a question and answer period.

Preparing for your career 

During the second part of the workshop, Career Services staff will provide tips to help you prepare for your career. We will discuss the best ways to craft a professional resume geared toward the communications field. We’ll also share job hunting tips such as how much will I get paid and what are hot job markets?

Invite a friend 

Do you know someone who’s not enrolled in SPC but thinking about applying? Feel free to invite them! The Career Exploration Workshop is not only open to SPC students but to the community as well.

Reasons to come the Career Exploration Event:

  • An expert will be on hand to answer your toughest questions.
  • A pressure free environment to explore a potential major.
  • The cost: Free!