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Posted by on Apr 15, 2020 in College 101, College Tips, For Online Classes | 1 comment

Remote learning survival guide for students

Remote learning survival guide for students

Times are crazy and unpredictable right now, leaving many students homebound and learning in a whole new environment. As a student, it can be difficult to make the transition to remote learning and distractions are everywhere! With the semester coming to an end, it is more important than ever to buckle down and power through. Here are some effective tips and tricks on how to study at home.

Create a study space

When studying and doing schoolwork, it is important to minimize distractions, and creating a space designated for working will increase your productivity. This space could be a quiet room, desk, or anywhere you work best. It also helps to keep the space clean, too, so you can stay focused!


This one might sound weird, but it helps me a lot especially since being homebound has built up so much energy. While listening to lectures, I find myself playing with stress balls or drawing notes related to the class. Keeping your hands moving or playing with fidget toys can help you retain more information and stay on task.

Set daily goals

Working at home can get overwhelming and it can become hard to get motivated, so setting daily goals can definitely keep you on track. Create a list in the morning or before you go to bed of everything you are going to accomplish. This will help you turn assignments in on time and fight against procrastination!

Reward yourself

Remember, college is hard work and you deserve a little reward! When working on schoolwork it’s important to stay motivated, so set rewards for yourself. Maybe it’s a favorite snack or TV show after a homework assignment. Whatever it is, set little rewards throughout the day.

Beth Pennoyer is a student in the SPC Early College Program at the Seminole Campus and a Social Media Ambassador with the college’s Marketing & Strategic Communications Department.

1 Comment

  1. For me, remote learning is not easy due to a lack of discipline.
    I try to create my own daily routine, and I try to follow it. But every day something goes wrong, and I find myself lying in bed until 12 o’clock in the afternoon and then unable to sleep until 4am. Because of that, of course, I have an inconvenient schedule.
    It was easier for me to study in the classroom, not with Zoom.
    Thank you, I will try setting goals and rewarding myself for good work. Hope it will help.

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