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Posted by on Apr 6, 2017 in Campus Life, Get Involved | 1 comment

Happy National Student-Athlete Day!

Happy National Student-Athlete Day!

April 6 is National Student-Athlete Day!

Student athletics can be an outlet for practice, engagement and enjoyment.

Get involved!

Participating in college sports can open doors to other potential opportunities. You can give yourself the chance to practice your craft, open the possibility for additional scholarships and job recruitment, to remain active, and to create meaningful relationships with your team. Many student-athletes enjoy the benefits of their college’s athletics department. Student-athletes often find that being a part of an athletics program has presented opportunities they never thought possible.

If you enjoy sports, following one if not all of your college’s athletic teams can provide entertaining activities. According to research conducted by Dr. Alana Pringle of the University of Nottingham, following a sports team is a way that individuals can express their identity, reduce stress and feel a sense of continuity. Joining in on the action can help you meet many like-minded peers and students. Some events are offered free or at a reduced price for students, so it’s easy to get involved by joining a team or being a number one fan.

SPC Volleyball Student-Athlete helps keep ball in the aircollege athleticsWomen's Student-Athlete Tennis Team on the court

SPC Softball Student-Athlete Huddle

“Being a student-athlete opened me to opportunities by helping with the cost of college, giving me an instant support group within the connections of my team, giving me a chance to visit new places, and helping me be more accountable in the classroom.”

Alyssa Price, St. Petersburg College Softball Sophomore


SPC Student-Athlete Mens basketball practice

“Being a student-athlete has helped me pick up a lot of tools I can later use in life. What I enjoy most about being on an athletics team are the friends I’ve made over time. I like that we all are working towards a common goal of getting to the next level and the competition that we face every day in practice. I feel by being on an athletics team you make bonds with people that you might have never met before.”

Tristan Owens, St. Petersburg College Men’s Basketball




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  1. I am graduating from HS in May and starting a Summer of Success Program in June 2019. However, I am very interested in playing softball for SPC. What and to whom do I need to speak with in regards for tryouts?

    Thanks for any and all help

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