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Guaranteed Admission Makes College Transfer Seamless

Guaranteed Admission Makes College Transfer Seamless

When Carley Campbell graduated from Countryside High School in Clearwater, Fla., she applied to the University of South Florida in hopes of pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences. She got a letter from USF that contained good news and bad news: Campbell was not accepted to USF, but was offered a spot in their new FUSE program, which allowed her to begin her degree at another college like St. Petersburg College, then transfer to USF in Tampa or St. Petersburg to complete her program. A Guaranteed Admission Transfer Plan like USF’s FUSE or Florida A&M University’s Ignite can make your transition from a two-year college to a four-year institution much smoother.

Students like Campbell who take part in transfer programs like FUSE benefit in many ways:

Student Support

One cool perk is that students can get advising at both campuses throughout their educational journey, as both campuses are working together to ensure student success.

Time and Money

Students who take part in articulation programs also save time and money because their academic pathway is set for them, with all their classes coordinated so that everything that they take at the two-year level transfers to the four-year school.

Smooth Transition

Starting at a two-year institution means that students can complete their pre-requisites in a setting with smaller class sizes and plenty of student support.

Twice the Fun

Students in these programs may also be able to engage in student activities at both campuses. In addition to clubs, sports and organizations at the two-year institution, students may be able to attend sporting events or join a club on the university campus.

With admission to state universities becoming more and more competitive, finding a two-year institution that hosts a Guaranteed Admission Transfer Plan with a four-year institution is a win/win for students. Campbell, who is about to finish her two-year degree, said the program has been a great fit for her.

“I get to save time and money, Campbell said. “I’m glad I don’t have to commute that far from home, and I like the smaller classes. I think it was pretty awesome that they thought I should be in this program.”

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