Sharon Olsen

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Students in Psychology Professor Sharon Olsen’s general psychology classes are invited to apply to work on a service learning project that is dear to her heart. Since 2014, she has select students work as tutors at Ridgecrest Elementary School in Largo. She hopes her students effect short and long term positive changes for children as they transition in their educational journeys from elementary school to career. They help with reading, writing, math, and other academic subjects.

sharon olsen
Ridgecrest Volunteer

Since 2015, Olsen has volunteered at the fifth grade “Mock Middle School” event at Ridgecrest, where she presents on the topic of career exploration and about what SPC has to offer to students. The goal is to encourage fifth graders to start thinking about their careers as they move into Middle School.

Olsen also advises a chapter of Psi Beta, the National Honor Society for Psychology Students at Community Colleges, and also advises the Seminole Campus Psychology Club. She works with her Psi Beta students to reach out to local high school to talk about SPC and Psi Beta at Seminole campus and the SPC Psychology FUSE pathway.

“The impact is huge for students at Ridgecrest. This school has a diverse population of students, and many are in great need of support. It is heartwarming to see this service learning program impact change for these students.”