Meg Delgato

Meg Delgato, Education

College of Education Professor Meg Delgato believes that each individual who participates in community engagement projects – whether giving or receiving – benefits in a positive way. She says that as a college, we invest in the well-being and growth of our community by serving as a leader, a convener, a partner, and a catalyst for positive change. As a facilitator for the Educational Ecosystem at the Gibbs Campus, Delgato herself is involved in many different opportunities.

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The Educational Ecosystem allows the college to share resources with partners in order to strengthen the community. She is involved with service opportunities such as faculty and student volunteers for Police Athletic League events and tutoring, a partnership with the Florida Dream Center and College of Education faculty and students to run a pop-up book mobile out of the back of her car called The Book Caddy, a community garden at Lealman Innovation Academy that she hopes will be used by science teachers to help students understand biology. She also worked with her students to host a Science Reading Fair to educate the community, and she serves on the School Advisory Council.

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Delgato says that, in addition to supporting SPC’s mission, vision and values, these kinds of projects are important because they instill in our students the importance of action in the spirit of helping one another and making a positive impact in the community in which they live, work and play.

“Students learn compassion through service to those who need it most while gaining experiences that promote personal and professional growth,” she said. “It just makes good sense, and seems like the right thing to do as a member of a community.”