Carol Rasor-Cordero

Carol Rasor
Carol Rasor

Dr. Carol Rasor-Cordero enjoys teaching in SPC’s Bachelor of Science Public Safety Administration Degree Program, but another one of her passions is her volunteer work with Veterans Counseling Veterans (VCV), a nonprofit organization that advocates for greater suicide prevention and postvention services for veterans and their families. Not only is she a board member with VCV, but she also has first-hand knowledge of what veterans’ families impacted by suicide and depression are facing. Her son, Sergeant Joseph Rasor, a U.S. Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, committed suicide in April 2017.       

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Since Joe’s death, Rasor has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of veteran suicide and mental health issues, connect families with services available to them, educate mental health counselors at the Veterans’ Administration and is currently orchestrating a collaboration between SPC and VCV to present a seminar titled, “Faith Based Veterans and Families Suicide Prevention and Postvention.”  She hopes the seminar will bring together representatives from diverse faiths, counselors and veterans to start the conversation of how counselors and faith-based communities can support veterans. She has also taken her fight for veterans to the state and addressed the Florida Legislature on the issue.    

Rasor, who retired as a captain from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office after 25 years, holds a PhD in Education, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice from the University of South Florida.

“There is a real gap in mental health services for veterans and their families,” Rasor said. “And with suicide rates among veterans at an all-time high, we need to pick up where the VA leaves off.”