Bonnie Jefferis

When Dr. Bonnie Jefferis was a child, her mother was a national officer in a sorority, often taking her daughter along to service projects and conventions. Jefferis says that her mother’s example taught her that community involvement was the norm, and now she strives to model those same behaviors for her students.

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An active member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, she is the Membership Vice President. She is also President of the Clearwater Alumnae Panhellenic Association, an umbrella group that oversees all of the alumnae sorority chapters in northern Pinellas County. With CAPA, she works to help raise money that the organization awards in college scholarships.

Jefferis is also Secretary of the Gamma Chapter of the International women’s teaching honorary, Delta Kappa Gamma, where she is part of a network that pushes for education legislation and raises money to be given to teachers for training and scholarships.

Jefferis is in her 33rd year as an SPC professor in the Communications department. She holds a PhD in Communication Education from the University of South Florida, a master’s degree in Speech, Radio, Television, and Film from Bowling Green University, and a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from The Defiance College. She hopes her efforts in the community will inspire others to take action, as well.

“The students and community see a strong female role model, who is both able and eager to balance work, family, and community activity,” Jefferis said. “They see someone who is willing to sacrifice some personal time for the greater good of a stronger, more connected and more celebratory community.”