SPC Theater Auditions for Spring Production Start Nov. 28

Theater Auditions for SPC Theater's Laughing Stock

The St. Petersburg College Theater Department has announced theater auditions for its upcoming play, LAUGHING STOCK, by Charles Morey.

Theater auditions will be held Tuesday, Nov. 28, and Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 5 pm in the Arts Auditorium on the Clearwater Campus.

What’s it all about?

LAUGHING STOCK is a hilarious backstage farce and genuinely affectionate look into the world of the theatre.

When The Playhouse, a rustic New England summer theatre, schedules a repertory season of DraculaHamlet and Charley’s Aunt, comic mayhem ensues. We follow the well-intentioned but over-matched company from outrageous auditions to ego-driven rehearsals, through opening nights gone disastrously awry to the elation of a great play well told and the comic and nostalgic season close.

Details for theater auditions
  • Students who wish to audition will need to prepare a 1-minute, comic monologue. (If you don’t have one prepared, readings will be done from the script of the play.)
  • Rehearsals for the play start the week of Jan 22.
  • If cast in the play, you will need to sign up for the Acting Repertory class at the college (1 credit).

If you have questions about the play, please contact Scott Cooper at cooper.scott@spcollege.edu.

Available roles
  • Gordon Page, 40’s-50’s. Artistic Director. (Leader of the pack. He’s in most scenes.)
  • Jack Morris, 20’s. Actor. (The Juvenile. Should he quit acting, and go to law school?)
  • Susannah Huntsman, 30’s. Director. (We’ve all had directors like this one, unfortunately.)
  • Mary Pierre, 20’s. Actor. (The ingénue. Earnest to a fault.)
  • Tyler Taylor, 30’s-40’s. Actor. (Leading roles only, please.)
  • Vernon Volker, 40’s-50’s, Actor. (Summer stock may be beneath him.)
  • Richfield Hawksley, 70’s. Actor. (Done it all, played them all, if he could only remember.)
  • Daisy Coates, 60’s-70’s. Actor. (Has been ready to play Ophelia for 40 years.)
  • Craig Conlin (could be man or woman), 30’s-50’s. Business Manager. (Someone has to watch the money.)
  • Sarah McKay, 40’s-50’s. Stage Manager. (Efficient, acerbic, never without her drink mug.)
  • Henry Mills, (could be man or woman) 30’s-40’s. Designer. (Must he really create it all with paper and scissors?)
  • And the inexperienced, overworked, and faithful apprentices:
    • Karma Schneider
    • Braun Oakes
    • Ian Milliken
    • possibly more?

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