St. Petersburg College Student Wins Innovation Award

Vincent Demor Innovation Award Winner

Vincent Demor was only six when, while accompanying his mother to pick his sister up from violin lessons, a music teacher saw him admiring an accordion. The teacher taught him to play a song on it, and then loaned the instrument to Demor to play around with for a while. His neighbor, an accomplished accordion player, began working with him and teaching him. Demor is now in his third semester in St. Petersburg College’s Music Industry Recording Arts program, and he recently won the distinguished 2018 National Association of Music Merchants President’s Innovation Award.

MIRA instructor Jeff Donovick, whom Demor says has offered him a lot of assistance both inside and outside the classroom, including help with figuring out his schedule and career path, says Demor’s dedication and passion for learning and playing make him more than worthy of the award.

“Vince carries this energy into all his endeavors and into successful career growth, Donovick said. “Vince is a scholar, a strong leader in his academic community, and also a hard worker and compelling musician.”

Demor said that though he moved around and lived in different states, he always found teachers wherever he went. It was one of those connections who urged him to apply for the NAMM award, so he gave it a shot. Taking that chance paid off when Demor was selected from entries from across the nation. According to the NAMM announcement, the winner exemplifies a commitment to the music industry and shows a strong aptitude for business leadership and innovation in the music industry. He will represent SPC at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA January 25-28, and also attend sessions at the conference.

“I was shocked and excited when I found out I had won,” Demor said. “My instructors were also really excited. They thought it was great that I could go and bring back what I saw there.”

Demor came to SPC after moving to Florida with family. He also began looking for music programs, and after touring the MIRA program in 2016, he made his decision and began taking classes in Spring 2017.

“I love it here,” Demor said of SPC. “The music faculty is very talented and experienced. It’s great that they dedicate themselves to teaching us.”

Donovick said Demor has a demonstrated ability for success in the music industry.

“Vince is an active and focused participant in the study and performance of music, with careful attention to detail and self-motivation,” Donovick said. “His intuitive ability to select quality music that engages all audiences is evident when he picks up his accordion to play. Whether for an auditorium, festival, or for a small group, listeners stop and pay attention, their faces light up, and they are drawn in and transported by his evocative playing.”

Demor hopes to use his degree from St. Petersburg College to work in music production, and also hopes this award will help him get there.

“I really hope I make connections at NAMM that will help me achieve my goals,” he said.

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