SPC Clearwater Fine Arts Department Awards 21st Student Exhibition

The Exhibition———————————–

This annual juried art exhibition, which began in 2000, serves to highlight the diverse artistic talents of students at St. Petersburg College. The exhibition occurs in The Crossroads Gallery on the Clearwater Campus from February 25 to March 26, 2020.


Participants are currently enrolled full-time or part-time students of St. Petersburg College or attended SPC during the fall semester of 2019. All majors are encouraged to apply. All work submitted must have been completed in 2019 to 2020.

Guest Juror: Amanda Cooper————

Amanda Cooper by Creative Pinellas on SoundCloud Morean Arts Center

This year Amanda Cooper, Curator of Exhibitions from the Morean Arts center, selected the art that is in this years show. The Morean Arts Center, the 100+ year mainstay of St. Petersburg’s arts community, has a mission to provide training in the arts for all ages. This year we had 98 student submissions from a variety of mediums. Ms. Cooper selected 50 items and chose this year’s winners, who each received a certificate and a cash award. Below is a list of the winners, with commentary from Amanda Cooper.


The seven Merit Award recipients are:

  • Ruby Schumacher, Jug and Canvas Cloth – drawing
  • Kevin Beganovic, Danny Devito – latex
  • Jaime Rodriguez, Pet Kid – photo
  • Joe Ventimiglia, Bowl – ceramic
  • Jess Walkuski, Quakers on I.R.B. – acrylic painting
  • Morgyn Perry, Alien Bakery – ceramic
  • Byron C. Williams, Ksasha – oil painting

Third Place: Madeleine Leibrecht, Bleeding Wall

Third Place: Madeleine Leibrecht, Bleeding Wall – 3d paper design

This is a deceptively simple, site-specific installation. A linear paper piece runs uniformly down the wall only to puddle organically on the floor. I liked how the artist incorporated the space into her work, and the simplicity of the design.

Second Place: Matthew Lowe, Edgar Apocalypse

Second Place: Matthew Lowe, Edgar Apocalypse – 3d paper design pop up book

An interactive pop up book about the coming zombie apocalypse? Yes, please! The artist did a terrific job creating tension and skewering pop culture, using a medium not seen often in these types of exhibitions. Keeping the craftsmanship high is difficult for this kind of work, and the artist did that and made me laugh, too. Great design with an engaging color palette.

First Place: Sandro Bukornik, Strength

First Place: Sandro Bukornik, Strength – black and white digital photograph

At first glance, the figures in this elegant, beautifully-lit photograph look like they are actually connected, like conjoined twins or mirror images. The image contains a tension of strength and softness. I particularly liked how their headwraps seem to have no beginning or end.

Juror’s Purchase Award: Brandon Agee, Epilogue

Juror’s Purchase Award: Brandon Agee, Epilogue – black and white 35 mm film photograph

This piece reminds me of my own experience as a student at SPC (it was SPJC then)—sitting at a table with my head in a jumble while I tried to turn paper into sculpture in Mr. Hagenbucke’s Design 2 class. The photograph is disturbing in one sense, with all the crazy scribbles and the emotions these lines imply, but the beauty and order in the row of origami cranes lends a sense of hope to the image.

Best of Show: James Harper, Domesticated Hare

Best of Show: James Harper, Domesticated Hare – ceramic

I was impressed by the scale of this sculpture, as well as the strange elongation of the figure, which reminded me a bit of Beth Cavener’s work. Everything about it, from the figure’s penetrating (and judgmental) stare and the mottled surface to the realistic collar, works together to create one bizarre whole that I couldn’t stop looking at.

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