NCECA 2015 conference, plus art and technology

Two weeks ago Kim Kirchman and I had the pleasure of going to the National Council of Education on Ceramic Arts Conference (NCECA) in Providence, RI.  We try to attend the conference every year so that we can stay current with trends in the ceramics world, both with education and studio practice. This allows us to learn of new technologies, emerging artists and new products that we can introduce or incorporate to our curriculum.


Changing society through ceramics

One of the highlights for both of us was meeting Roberto Lugo. Lugo is a clay artist from Philadelphia. He was nominated this year to be an emerging artist and gave a fantastic presentation on how he is using his work in ceramics to create change in society.

I highly recommend you check out his video on the NCECA blog. Lugo’s work has strong influences in hip hop and graffiti culture, along with tackling ideas of multiculturalism.

Art and emerging technology

Another fantastic experience was the “Hifire RESolutions: 3D printing in Clay” exhibition. This exhibition featured 3D-printed ceramic pieces, designed by potters. The pieces were outstanding.  Here is a link to the exhibition.

3d print2

This got me thinking that we need to incorporate more emerging technologies into some of our studio art courses, which we are currently working on. Stay tuned for updates on that.

One last thing is this all ties together with an article I heard on NPR on April 6 about high-tech industry companies having artist residencies.  I encourage you to have a listen.

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