SPC Professor, Artist Showing in International Competition ArtPrize

SPC Professor Kevin Grass will be competing with artists from around the world in ArtPrize, an independently organized, international art competition.


Grass is a professional painter and professor at the Clearwater Campus Fine Arts Department.  ArtPrize, held in Grand Rapids, Mich., accepted to show his painting Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch. The 7 feet by 14 feet acrylic on canvas painting, framed in a five-inch gold leaf enclosure.   For 19 days, Sept 19 – Oct 7, visitors will have an opportunity to view and place their vote for their favorite artwork.  Artists are competing for $500,000 in cash prizes that are decided equally by public vote and expert jury.  It is Kevin’s hope that his painting Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch will win the two $200,000 grand prizes best popular and best expert jury art at Art Prize 2018 equaling a grand total of $400,000.

Learn from nationally exhibited painter Kevin Grass

At SPC, Professor Grass teaches four types of art classes:

Grass received an undergraduate degree in drawing and painting from Washington University and his masters of fine art degree from the University of Georgia.  Galleries throughout the East and Southeast exhibit his landscapes and figure paintings that address contemporary social and political issues.  Throughout the United States and Europe, people enjoy viewing his paintings in museums, corporate offices, and private collections.

Florida artist Kevin Grass created the large “Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch.” One ballerina cringes from the man, while the other defends herself using pepper spray.

The professor sets a three dimensional stage in his acrylic canvas paintings.  He begins the design with a purposeful placement of the figures. The props join the figures to serve a supporting role in the development of a narrative.

Frequently, art historical works inspire a highly representational scene with inspirations from Northern Renaissance artists like Jan van Eyck. As with many paintings, Grass’ art has some ambiguity within the symbols to allow the viewer across biases and time to relate and rediscover a new interpretation to the art.

A visual account of connected events

The painting Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch presents a narrative of the sexual abuse at the hands of those in a position of believed power.  The painting draws a connection between contemporary Hollywood actors and the ballerinas of Edgar Degas’ paintings.

The “casting couch” holds the supporting role of exchanging favors for possible career advancement.  Innocence traded and transformed to gain possible celebrity and stardom is what is on stage within the painting.  Armed with pepper spray and a gold crucifix, a woman in black confronts the one who desires to drain innocence from the woman on the couch.

It is Professor Grass’ hope that the half-million visitors to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids this autumn will connect to the painting.

Kevin Grass Fine Art

Link to more art by Kevin Grass

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