Join SPC Concert Band as a virtual online experience Fall 2020

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Over the past many years, SPC has built a strong culture of wind ensemble performing based on the values of excellent music, a respectful environment, focused rehearsals, empowering musicians, and enhancing the community.

We have worked with wonderful soloists, brought awareness to many community causes, and collaborated with other departments throughout St. Petersburg College.

COVID 19 and large ensembles

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to adjust to new environments and rethink educational delivery with safety protocols. 

At the moment, we still do not know the full impact of playing wind instruments and singing with large groups in confined rooms.  So, we are going to be extra cautious and present credit for College Band in an online format.

Online Concert Band

We are committed to offer our large ensemble with college credit for those who need it as a Music and Music Education Transfer students. We are also are creating an experience that is inviting to non-music major college students and community members wanting to make music and grow their talent.

This experience will involve four primary areas.

  1. Score Study and Conducting.
  2. Personalized Warm-up Routine
  3. Personal and Interpersonal Leadership
  4. Virtual Collage Band Performances

Score Study

Score study involves learning a piece of music and how all parts interact.  We will guide you through how to look at a score from the standpoint of a conductor or ensemble leader.  We will put our music theory knowledge to practical use, and you will get a chance to organize and present a score of your own choosing. This is particularly useful for our future music educators, as well as our performance majors that will undoubtedly lead ensembles at some point.  Community members who want a deeper understanding of the construction of music will also be interested in this topic. For those wanting to take this study a bit further, we will offer Zoom lessons in basic conducting gesture alongside the score study projects.

Personalized Warm-up Routine

The development of a personalized warm-up routine is the key element to opening up the doors of musical progress.  A warm-up that hits all fundamental areas is really practice that balances your skills and creates steady improvement for the short and long term.  We will guide you through the basic elements of music-making on your instrument. You will leave this semester with a warm-up routine that you construct based on several variables.  It will be perpetually motivating to you as it fits your current level and goals, and you are going to see the results through your improved individual playing. For those taking private lessons, this will be done in conjunction with what you are learning in lessons.

Optional Leadership Experience

This optional experience includes reading, online resources, and small group discussions centered around the text The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. These lessons in personal and interpersonal leadership result in increased self-confidence, advanced time management strategies, and approaches to working with others that result in creative solutions to challenges. It is an experience we are offering to the entire college, so those who partake may gain insight from those outside of the band course.

Virtual Band Performances

Finally, we are going to prepare two collaborative virtual band performances.  You have probably seen several of these online.  While not the same as playing in a large group together in person, there is lot we can learn from this experience, and some of you may need to lead groups through this in the future. You may want to make your own solo or small group projects.  We will provide you with the click track and instructions.  You will record yourself with a phone, video camera, or whatever you have, and we will edit those together for a great final project. Individual Zoom check-ins will be scheduled to see how your practice is coming and give you some feedback regarding phrasing and obtaining a good recording.


We have our regular rehearsal time of Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. set in the schedule, but you can still participate if you are unable to make that live time.  A survey will be sent to find the best time for group meeting check-ins for live instruction and real-time feedback.  Those sessions will also be recorded for reference.

We are going to take advantage of these unique times, and we will grow as musicians and people through College Band this semester.  Interestingly, our locations are not limiting factors, so we encourage you to spread the word to get as many people as possible to join us from around the state and even around the country.   We look forward to seeing you soon at the start of the semester on August 15.  In the meantime, please stay safe, and get ready for some great music-making.

SPC College Band course is MUN 1120. Obtain an SPC student ID by clicking “apply now” at Contact the music office if you have questions regarding registration 727-341-4360


To learn more about the degree and certificate programs at St. Petersburg College, please visit or fill out this online survey to receive more information about SPC’s Music, and Music Industry/Recording Arts (MIRA) programs. Registration for fall classes is currently open. Individuals interested in enrolling at SPC can browse classes and register at

Online Concert Band SPC
Online Concert Band SPC

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