Education Lands SPC Grad Dream Job

digital media

After over two decades in the broadcast television industry and working for a single employer, I found myself exploring new job opportunities within my field of expertise. I quickly came to realize that despite my many years of experience, I was being overlooked for jobs in digital media due to a lack of college education on my resume. I also realized that the industry was much larger now than when I started, including many more aspects of multimedia than I’ve been exposed to.

After several missed job opportunities, I decided to enroll in St. Petersburg College‘s Digital Media program, and seek the Video Production Certificate. I felt like this was a good starting point to hone my skills, learn new ones, and better prepare myself for job-seeking.

I absolutely devoured the courses, loving just about every minute of instruction and hands-on learning. Despite my extensive professional experience, I was delighted with the exciting curriculum, my wonderful professors, and the over-all experience of being a college student at SPC once again. I even took a related non-required course after earning the certificate, because I was still eager to learn.

Well, just as I was finishing up that final course this past December, my dream job opened up. I have been pursuing a position with the City of Largo’s Communications team for over two years now, specifically in their broadcast and multimedia department. I applied for the opening, confident that I met the requirements of experience AND a required certificate or degree in Multimedia.

I started working for the City of Largo in January, and I am home. None of this would have been possible without SPC and the amazing programs it offers. I am thrilled with my new employer, and am looking forward to this next phase of my career.

But I’m not finished. I will be back at SPC soon to finish my degree. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I believe in SPC.

Thank you, and thank you to Debra, John, and Lisa. You all are great, and you made a huge impact on my life!

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