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New Surface Studio Computers at the Seminole Campus

Surface Studio at SPC

Have you had the chance to play around with the new Microsoft Surface Studio computers on the St. Petersburg College Seminole Campus yet? If not, you need to check them out!

I am a Digital Arts student and have used the new computers, and they are so cool!

I am a hands-on person and using the mouse to trace and draw is a bit challenging for me because there is just something different about the motion your hand makes when using a pen to draw.

These new computers are not only touch screen but also come with a stylus.

I spoke to Dr. Barbara Hubbard, chair of Digital Arts and Humanities at the Seminole Campus,  and asked her a few questions about them:

How was SPC able to obtain these Surface Studio computers?
What are some things about the computers that most people might not be aware of?
  • “They are adjustable to 20 degrees and help facilitate a natural way to draw and animate… since they replicate, in tablet form, a piece of paper with an electronic pen stylus.”
How will these new computers benefit the students?
  • “Our drawing and animation students will have the benefits of working electronically while remaining in a natural drawing rhythm… eye-hand coordination will be the same as using traditional paper and pencil while students have a full complement of tools and digital programs in the Adobe Suite as well as others.”
Are there any special features that set these computers apart from simply using the Macs?
  • “Macs do not have the features the full complement of programs in the iPad Pro… only ‘Lite versions’… students will be hard pressed to find that availability with iPad pros.”
What is your favorite thing about these new computers?
  • “I think they are totally fabulous, and we will be able to implement them into our program with much anticipated success.”


Make sure you stop by and check them out, especially if you are a Digital Arts student!

About the author :

SPC student (and blogger) Faith Olmstead works for the college’s Marketing & Strategic Communications department and is a Digital Arts student, with a focus on graphic design. You might see her out photographing events or shooting video at some of the college’s campuses or have viewed some of her designs on the college’s social media accounts. 


Visit the Downtown Center mural

Downtown Mural

If you ever get the chance to visit St. Petersburg College’s downtown campus -which you definitely should make time for- you will find a breathtaking mural by Tessa Moeller on the west side of the building. This Downtown mural is a wonderful addition to St. Pete’s growing mural collection.

The artist, Tessa Moeller, is a beautiful, talented and visionary artist who simply has a passion for painting. She is twenty-four years old and went to school for nursing. Having never taken art classes, her mural is very impressive.

Tessa grew up around art, as her father is a professional artist, but this is her first mural. It took her about three months to plan and a little over one month to paint it. She said that she chose the colors to go with the schools color theme, but that the colors of the bodies were designed to not have a specific color so that they could be universal.

The Downtown mural is of a man and woman and was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian man. It is part of SPC’s Center for Civic Learning & Community Engagement Civic Art movement, which shines light on how diverse the students are and the effect they can have in their communities.

This movement is also designed to bridge any gap between the community and the variety of civic interests that the students have. The Downtown mural was funded by both Student Life, Student Government funds, and a donation from Friends of Williams Park organization.

Behind the man and the woman in the mural, you can see a spiral of the golden ratio, which is also called the divine proportion. This proportion is generally associated with the first type of mathematics.

This ratio is found in the Fibonacci sequence, which is a series of repeating numbers and is said to be the most aesthetically pleasing ratio. These repeating numbers have been found in both nature and human design. Using this sequence, there are special and unique types of patterns and shapes that are created.

Connecting the dots from art, to science, to math and to mankind, this mural encompasses many different themes of hope, encouragement and vision towards a bright future. This Downtown mural will always celebrate the vast diversity and ever excelling student body of St. Petersburg College, thanks to Tessa Moeller.