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What is the Alexander Technique? 

The Alexander Technique is a way of learning to move mindfully through life by shining a light on inefficient habits of movement and patterns of accumulated tension which can interfere with our innate ability to move easily and according to how we are designed. It’s a simple yet powerful approach that offers the opportunity to take charge of one’s own learning process. 

The Alexander Technique is an active exploration that changes the way one thinks and responds in activity. It produces a skill set that can be applied in every situation and addresses anxiety and stress. Lessons leave one feeling lighter, freer, and more grounded. 

Who can benefit from the Alexander Technique? 


Instrumentalists, Vocalists, Dancers, Actors, Artists

The Alexander Technique can help performers  and artists of all disciplines work with less tension and rigidity leading to lively, fluid, and dynamic performances and creations.  The Alexander Technique also aids in injury prevention and recovery. 

About the Instructor

Helen Hansen French was introduced to the Alexander Technique as a student at The Juilliard School in 1997 while she was pursuing her BFA in Dance. In 2009 Mrs. French completed her AT teacher training at the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), and returned to Juilliard to serve as an assistant AT teacher, working alongside Jane Kosminsky. Mrs. French began teaching AT at SPC in 2014. As a dance artist Mrs. French relies on the teachings and principles of the AT as an aid to all her creative endeavours. 

About Lessons

All lessons are private and will take place online via zoom for 60 minutes once a week during the Fall 2020 Term (Aug. 17- Dec. 11) via Zoom. Lesson dates and times will be mutually agreed upon by the instructor and student. Inquiries can be emailed to   SPC’s affordable tuition rates make this a wonderful opportunity for anyone throughout the state and the country. (In-state tuition $111.75 per credit hour, out-of-state tuition $389.90 per credit hour). Alexander Technique is 2 credits, resulting in fifteen 50-min private lessons. 


It is necessary for students interested in taking this course to have access to a computer with a camera and microphone, as well as, consistent access to the internet. Please know, the college has resources and can help you get the necessary technology required to be successful in these classes. If you are in need of assistance please visit the SPC Student Support Resources page.

Course Number

DAN 1768 #4366

Private instruction. No audition required. This course covers the principles of the Alexander Technique and helps students integrate them into their daily lives. The course covers elements of kinesthetic awareness, anatomy, and injury prevention. In addition to learning the basic principles of proper body alignment, students will recognize and release habits of movement and thinking that cause tension and hinder movement. This course draws from the writings of FM. Alexander and others related to the Alexander Technique. No experience is necessary for the successful completion of the class. (Note: This course may be taken up to 3 times for a total of 6 credits.)

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