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Who’s who on a college campus

Who’s who on a college campus

College freshmen can find the hierarchy of campus figures a little confusing, with many titles that don’t look anything like what you were used to seeing in high school.  How are you supposed to figure out what it all means?  Fear not, I have this handy little guide for you.


On a campus tour, your guide might say the Provost role is similar to your high school principal, because the provost manages every aspect of the campus operations to make sure our students’ needs are being met and represents the campus to the local community.

Associate Provost

If we continue that comparison, the Associate Provost could be likened to all the assistant principals in high school rolled into one, as the AP (see they share the same initials) oversees the departments of Students Services (life outside of the classroom) on the campus as well as handles student issues, disciplinary matters, and non-academic appeals.

Career & Academic Advisor

Think of this person as your amazing guide to help you not only select your classes each semester but choose the career that best suits you.  Whether you are considering an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, your Advisor knows which courses to take for your major and in what order.

Student Life & Leadership Coordinator

If this were a cruise ship, then this would be your social director.  Our Student Life & Leadership Coordinators plan the social and cultural events on campus as well as overseeing the student clubs and Student Government Association.  Their favorite phrase:  “Get involved!”

Accessibility Coordinator

If you received accommodations for a disability in high school, then reach out to the Accessibility Coordinator on your campus immediately to obtain the support you will need to be successful.

Financial Assistance Counselor

Did you say, “Show me the money?”  Well, if you have ever wondered about how to pay for college, talk to someone in Financial Assistance to see what resources may be available.

Peer Advisors

These are fellow students who have already been at SPC for a while and have received special training.  They can act as a big brother or big sister to help you navigate the registration process, develop a My Learning Plan, and give you information on different majors and degree programs.

Faculty – In high school you called them teachers.  In college, we call them faculty, fancy, right?  Our full time faculty do more than share knowledge with you in the classroom.  You will often see them in our Learning Support Center (where you go for tutoring) working with students and serving as advisors to many of our student clubs.

Adjunct Faculty

These are talented part-time instructors who have an expertise in the area they teach.


This is the academic supervisor over a discipline (major, degree, or subject area) and the full-time faculty that teach in that area.  The Dean decides academic appeals and handles any issues with full-time faculty, but the Dean will always remind you to reach out to the faculty member first.

Academic Chair

A Faculty member who supervises Adjunct Faculty for a specific department is called an Academic Chair.  If you have an issue or question about an Adjunct Faculty contact the Academic Chair for that subject on your campus.

Is your head spinning or did this list should help put you at ease?  If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Dawn Rodak is the Associate Provost at St. Petersburg College’s Downtown Center

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