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Success In College: Part II

Success In College: Part II

Hello again! There are many things that you can do to find success in college. We’re doing things a little differently this time. Today we will listen to what students had to say about their experience at St. Petersburg College‘s, “Off On the Right Foot” event.



“I learned that you should be able to summarize what you’ve learned if you actually understand it.” 

The above quote is from Juliana Bernal, a student in her third semester here at SPC. Another student, Marc Listman, currently in his first semester, also said he learned how to take better notes during the sessions.

I’ve been in classes where some people simply don’t take take notes at all. That, I may never understand. You could at least write the ‘key’ points down for review later. Doing this and, at some point, creating a summary is an excellent idea. The act of re-reading and writing in itself will help with memorization and in the long run. If you do it consistently, you will be comfortably ready for exams.

“I took the VARK learning style questionnaire and learned that I am a multi-modal learner.”  

That quote, from Jimmy Biascan, in his second semester at SPC, is a really important tip.

Many of us have no idea how we learn best. We must remember that nothing is one-size-fits-all when it comes to effective learning. According to an article posted by Neumann University, there are seven main categories that would, either individually or in combination, describe the kind of learners that we are: verbal, spatial-visual, aural, kinesthetic, logical, social or solitary. Figuring out which one of these best describes YOUR learning style could make a world of difference to your learning experience in the class or on your own. St. Pertersburg College offers a course that includes helping you to figure this out, and there are other sites that break it down further for you. Try look into it, if you haven’t already.

“I learned I need to work on my study skills.” 

Paula Wutling, who is in her first semester at SPC, made this comment, and boy, what an underrated sentiment. Many times we don’t think much of how or when we study…we just do. For some, this works and it works really well, but sometimes it really pays to re-evaluate. Consider the distractions in your current study space (do you even have a study space?)…the location …the lighting…how much time you give yourself to JUST study-with no social-media or TV on in the background. Many things play into YOUR personal study time. With no structure to how you do it, being consistent might be difficult and, worse yet, leave you  unprepared when it is most important. Having study skills really isn’t rocket science. You just have to do it and, over time, the where, when and everything else can be perfected to your liking. Another first semester student, Suegauy Scott, said that by attending the event, he learned that there are multiple ways to study and learn new things.

From The Instructors:

Throughout the event, instructors shared their recommendations.

  • Ask ALL of your questions! – Don’t fooled. Other students may have questions too…you just may be the only one brave enough to speak up.
  • Stay ahead in the class. – When you fall behind, it is much easier to STAY behind than it is to catch up. Try not to have to catch up.
  • Send a courtesy email. – If you know that you’re going to be late or miss a class, inform your professor. It’s just good etiquette 😉
  • Talk about it. – Many instructors are willing to talk through any issues you may have with them or the class. Don’t just quit…talk through it.

The number of ways to improve your experience and outcomes and find success in college are many. Go to the orientation events, seek advice from your professors, get your study time in order and then, enjoy the ride. Your time in college will soon be over and the fact is that to success, there are so many different roads. You just need to find which one is YOURS.

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