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Success In College: Part I

Success In College: Part I

Doesn’t just about everyone want to be successful in life? Umm… I do! But what about success in college? We can get so caught up in the bigger picture that we forget the details that help it come together. This journey is just one small part of your life’s picture, and success on the way is vital!

Most college institutions host some form of an orientation meant to review the basic ‘need to knows’ of any college student. Here at SPC, at the beginning of each semester, “Off On The Right Foot,” is what we use to help new students hit the ground running.  One major topic that always comes up is…you guessed it: success in college. You know…what NOT to do and all of the things you should most definitely do. Instead of giving you a full review of the event…how about a recap? Ready? Let’s begin!

What NOT To Do

Ignore The Syllabus:

Unfortunately, I’ve made the mistake of not printing out my syllabus (which you should always do for reference purposes) and just diving into an assignment my first week of school. I didn’t even read the syllabus! *face palm* (read it man…just read it). Long story short, I turned in the assignment and didn’t get the best grade. Now, the syllabus had outlined a few specifics my professor preferred with assignments that I wasn’t aware of…because I didn’t read it! Ever wanted to kick yourself? *Shaking my head*. PLEASE. Just at least read over that syllabus. It is highly likely that you won’t regret it.

Be Disrespectful:

Everyone is respectful riiiight? Mmmhm. Sure. But we know that we should be (I hope). For a student, the benefits of respecting your professors might extend beyond general politeness *wink*. See, your professor may not actually say this to you, but showing respect by being punctual, not disrupting the class and getting assignments in on time could really pay off when you’re having a bad day. It’s true, professors should treat everyone the same, but honestly, if you had two students, one of whom is always rude, turning in late assignments and being disruptive, vs. another, who is polite and does almost everything ‘right’…who are you more likely to be lenient with when they miss a test or something else happens? Look, just think about it. Being nice and, more importantly, respectful, is more than worth it – even when you don’t feel like it.

Miss Class:

Playing hooky is definitely still a thing in college and, to be honest, I’m not so surprised. With most of the responsibility placed on you to study and get your work in, more time is given to the student. Caught up in the free time you may now have – or the lack thereof – some days you just may not want to come to school. But you SHOULD. That is, unless something dire happens, in which case, do email your professor as soon as you can.

One of the worst things is trying to catch up when you’ve been ‘out’. No matter how many people say they wouldn’t mind helping, it is YOUR responsibility to cover ALL of your bases. Yes, you can certainly email your professor or fellow classmates, but if you choose to miss a class when you don’t have to… don’t be offended if you find that people just aren’t able to assist because they, too, have their own agendas to carry out. You can’t just play hooky in college and get off scott free. At some point, it just might come back to bite!


NOTE: In part II we’ll talk more about all of the things you SHOULD do to be a successful student in college. 


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