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Start Strong for a Great Semester

Start Strong for a Great Semester

According to an article published in Research Digest, sprinters should always kick-off with their right foot. It gives them an advantage of about 80 centimeters. Knowing how to start strong for maximum performance truly makes a difference, and a new year and new semester is a great place to practice starting strong. Here are some tips for doing just that.

Let others motivate you

At your college, look for events taking place at the beginning of the semester that are geared towards informing students on what they may need to succeed throughout their journey. St. Petersburg College held an event called “Off On The Right Foot.” The event, though open to all students, was meant to encourage first time in college students and give them a few necessary tips for their college experience. Students who attended left feeling pumped up about the new semester. Find kick-off events. Go to them. Become informed and make the most of your start.

Plan and organize

Organization is always key to success, so outfit yourself. Assemble all the supplies you’ll need, e.g. pens, notebooks, calendars, books, etc. Set up your calendar, including your class and study schedule, and you’ll add important due dates and events as the semester progresses. Make to-do lists daily. All these efforts will keep you on top of your game.

Get the lay of the land

If you are attending classes at a new location, take some time to ‘map-out’ your campus. While you may have taken a tour during orientation, it’s always good to check out your classroom location, the library, learning resources, and, of course, the coffee spot. In your wanderings, you may find some support services you didn’t even know existed.

Make connections

If your institution has assigned academic communities, FIND YOURS. The insight, resources and camaraderie a small community within your area of interest can provide is worth pursuing. The same goes for clubs and organizations that would introduce you to other students who share your goals.

Think ahead

Always keep one eye on next semester, whether it be registration dates and classes you’ll need, or how you’re going to pay for it. Get on the scholarship run – there are way too many scholarship opportunities that are left untouched, so find out what you can apply for, and do it!

Finally, just put your absolute best face on and go conquer your world!

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