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Plants in Your Study Space? Top Five Benefits

Plants in Your Study Space? Top Five Benefits

Attending college is hard, but did you know there are simple ways to ease the pressure? One simple way might be to add some plants to your space. Surrounding yourself with plants has been shown to positively impact physical and mental health. All information is supported by the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and the American Psychology Association.

Here are five benefits of incorporating plants in your study space:

  1. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Whether it be the first day, midterm, or final time, college stress can grow overwhelming. To combat this, try incorporating some flowers. Having green in your work environment has been proven to calm nerves, thereby bettering your focus. Even better, once you’re ready for a break, plant life can help you destress quicker than you would otherwise. They provide comfort.

  1. Improved Learning

Once anxiety is reduced, learning improves. As conducted by the America Psychology Association, a 40 minute walk in a local nature preserve showed students to achieve better scores on standard proofreading tasks than their peers. Students also grew less frustrated with their educational responsibilities.

  1. Improved Productivity

Reduced stress and better health lead to increased productivity. Mental fatigue has been shown to be reduced when students are around plants or overlooking plants in their dorm rooms (while overlooking sidewalks and parking lots may worsen productivity). Reaction time has also been known to increase by 12 percent when around plants. Be careful, though! It has also been found that excess indoor plants can distract you, too – 3-9 is good!

  1. Better Physical Health

Those who are exposed to plants have been known to have reduced sick leave. Reduced stress also correlates with reduced blood pressure and contributes to greater health. Chronic health issues can also be nursed through the nature of plants.

  1. Improved Mood

Finally, a big part of success is mood. Green environments have been shown to support mental health, physical health, and overall productivity, further encouraging satisfaction with oneself. These factors come together to increase mood, and many individuals report enjoying their jobs and work more when surrounded by plants – or with plants in view – than those without. Anger is also reduced, traded for peace of mind.

St. Petersburg College values how plants enrich the community. In an effort to promote this, Clearwater and St. Pete/Gibbs provide open, nature-oriented campuses, where Seminole is surrounded by wildlife and home to a nature walk. The Permaculture Club also makes it their goal to teach others how to cultivate these revitalizing environments.

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