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Make fitness a priority

Make fitness a priority

In juggling school, work, and a social life, finding the time to stay healthy can be a challenge. Who has time for the gym when your bio lab is due in the morning? Grabbing a burrito on your way to work after class seems way easier than preparing a well-balanced meal, and a good night’s sleep sounds like a dream. The good news is, there are ways to stay fit and maintain a healthy mind and body with your busy schedule. Fitness is totally doable with resources that colleges provide.


fitnessAlways look for opportunities to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. This can be as simple as parking further out in the campus parking lot and taking the stairs to that Physics class on the third floor instead of waiting on the elevator. Ready to take it up another level? SPC has several on campus Wellness Centers furnished with resistance training machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment. These facilities are absolutely free to all current SPC students. Swing by for a workout right after class, and you’ll save yourself a trip (and a gym membership!).

If you enjoy team activities, SPC offers several intramural & recreational activities including basketball, flag football, soccer and table tennis.

Student fitness is not only a key component in achieving and maintaining long-term health, but can also improve your quality of sleep, positively manage stress and even improve memory, all which can help you on your mission for academic success—and it doesn’t have to hinder your schedule.

Eating and drinking habits

It’s tempting to grab that Snickers bar or Mountain Dew from the vending machine between classes. While I’m 100 percent a proponent of treating yourself, do try to make it a habit to go for the nutritious options in snack machines, or to save yourself a few bucks, pack a healthy snack from home to keep yourself energized and alert in your classes. It’s also a good move to bring a bottle of water with you and refill it throughout the day. Staying hydrated is detrimental to your health and will keep you running. Free apps like Plant Nanny can help you monitor how much water you’re drinking and keep you on track.


fitnessAdd being a student to everything else you have going on, and things can understandably get stressful. When things get tough, don’t be afraid to utilize the resources your school offers. Many colleges provide easy access to mental health care. SPC offers three free counseling sessions to SPC students through BayCare Behavior Health, and are flexible in working with you and your insurance companies if you’re in need of additional resources. Whether you need help handling daily stressors or are struggling with anxiety or depression, colleges understand the importance of mental health care and strive to make counseling accessible. It’s never a bad idea to seek assistance, and your school has help available for you.

Getting enough sleep

I know, I know—it’s virtually impossible to get a full eight hours every night. But trust me, getting enough sleep makes a world of difference: it’ll improve your memory (which you DEFINITELY want for that exam in the morning), lower your stress, give you more stamina and boost your metabolism, to name a few of the miraculous benefits of catching a few extra z’s. All-nighters may seem like the most opportune way to milk your day for all its worth, but squeezing in a little extra sleep will change your world—you’ll find that you’ll have the energy and mindfulness to accomplish so much more with your time.

You don’t have to get crafty to maintain your busy schedule and your health simultaneously. Making a few subtle changes to your routine can work wonders, and colleges are working with you to make it even more manageable. Give a few of these tips a shot—you’ll feel the difference, and you won’t lose any time in the process.

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