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Kicking butt and taking notes

Kicking butt and taking notes

Let’s face it: Unless you have amazing skills of recall, note-taking is the basis for retaining information in college. I’ve provided some thought regarding tools to improve individual note-taking strategies, as well as the importance of effective note taking. Many of my comments are basic, there are no earth-shattering secrets; however, mastering them will ensure the effectiveness of taking notes.

Effective practices for taking notes

Before the Lecture: Prepare for Effective Note-Taking.
1-Do the assigned reading. The best way to prepare for class is simply doing the assigned reading. Being familiar with the material will better enable you to understand the professor’s lecture and separate out the important points.
2-Mark up the page. As you read, take notes of what you think are the main ideas. Highlight, underline, and write in the book’s margins. Write down questions that come up as you’re reading.
3-Arrive ten minutes before class. Grab a seat near the front of the class and get everything ready. Use this time to review the assigned reading and your notes from the previous class. Write down any questions you had during the reading that you’re hoping to have answered during the professor’s lecture.
4-Only write down the important points. Your goal isn’t to transcribe your professor’s lecture word-for-word, rather it’s to extract and record the main points of it. The trick to successful note-taking is learning how to separate and capture information that is essential.

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