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Jump right in

Jump right in

Why getting involved helps you succeed in college

Why students should get involved

Much of your college career will happen outside of the classroom. Although your studies should be top priority, getting involved on campus is a great way to ease the transition into college and help you gain experience for your resume. Here are some darn good reasons why joining a club or volunteering on campus helps you succeed in college:

  • Studies show that those who are involved in activities outside the classroom are more engaged and have greater academic success in college.
  • Many employers indicate that they look for real-world experience when interviewing recent college graduates.
  • Joining a club or organization allows you the benefit of making friends and networking with those who share your similar interests, goals and values.

How Students Can Get Involved

Oh, the places you can go! Here are some ideas for ways to get involved:

  • Check your planner to make sure there is time to devote to possible activities. Avoid over extending yourself to prevent undue stress and/or disappointing others by committing to more than what you can safely assume. In my experience, average students may be able to handle successfully the demands of two organizations.
  • Go to the Student Life & Leadership Office to find out the different organizations and programs existing on their campus. Students can become part of a sports team, representatives in the student government, members or officers of a club or a discipline oriented organization.
  • Apply for a position like a peer advisor to help and guide other students, or become an ambassador to help and guide visitors to the school. You can make a little money while helping others and acclimating yourself to the school environment.
  • Attend club fairs and other events to learn as much as possible about the different organizations and activities to make sure these are a good fit. Choose things that appeal to you and that may be of use later on in the real world.

So, what are you waiting for? The reward that you can gain from getting involved student jobs, volunteer work, campus organizations and industry-related groups will follow you well beyond college graduation.

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