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Great Jobs for College Students

Great Jobs for College Students

You’re in school and you need money – like now! Trust me, I know what that’s like and what’s worse is when you can’t find a job because they’re all taken. Ugh!! Yeah, I know. I’ve made another list for you 🙂 These are some of the best and usually most available part-time jobs for college students who don’t have a lot of time but need their money now.

  1. NANNY/ BABYSITTER- Babysitting jobs aren’t a cake walk, but if you like kids and know how to manage them, babysitting is a way to make quick cash. Put the word out with your existing connections that you’re available to babysit, and don’t forget classmates and instructors. You can also post an ad online or join an agency to get work.
  2. TUTORING- If you are particularly good at math, writing essays, or anything else for that matter and you’re in college, there’s a good chance someone needs your help. Why not make a few bucks while doing it? Aside from doing this on campus, there are also websites that hire online where you can put your skills to use.
  3. PET SITTER/ DOG WALKER- All right, maybe you like four-legged animals better than the two-legged variety. If so, take a few minutes and come up with a flyer, catchy slogan and a reasonable rate and you might just be on to something. Post your flyers around – don’t forget the dog parks!- and soon enough you’ll snag a job.
  4. RESUME WRITER- A lot of people need help with resumes, they just don’t know it yetSometimes you’ve got to get creative and offer the services people need, even if they don’t realize they need it yet. College + Students= Job Seekers in need of help with resumes. Go on, get to work.
  5. FOOD DELIVERY- With the new wave of convenience being groceries or take out magically appearing at one’s door, a whole new part- or full-time career field has opened up. If you have reliable transportation, you can sign up with a service that will allow you to make money on your own schedule.

All of the above suggestions can be promoted with your social media accounts, as well!

If you have time for the long game, try these ideas for student employment at your college:

  1. STUDENT ASSISTANT- Working at your college might be your best bet when you’re in a jam. Everyone you need to talk to is already on campus. All you need to do is make yourself known, get your resume together and go for it! If all the spots are filled now, don’t worry, one will open up eventually.
  2. PAID INTERNSHIP- This is a two for one deal. If you can find an internship in the same field as your degree…brownie points with future employers! This, as you’ll have gotten some experience under your belt AND you get paid while doing it.

There is always something you can do. Now, jobs for college students won’t likely make anyone rich, but at least you’ll have something until you take that next step.

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