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Crushing your online class

Crushing your online class

The convenience of an online class can be a life saver, but if they’re not done right, they can be disastrous. Follow these tips to cruise through e-learning.

1-Schedule yourself.

It can be really easy to get behind or procrastinate when you don’t have to physically be in a classroom or look an instructor in the eye and tell them you didn’t do an assignment. If you set aside a scheduled time to work on the class two or three times a week, you can create a consistent routine that will keep you focused and on top of the work.

2-Take notes.

Studies have shown that physically writing things down helps you retain the information. If you outline your readings or take class notes by hand, you’ll be more likely to remember, and you’re creating a study guide for the course as you go.

3-Make yourself a good workplace.

A dedicated work space to do your online classwork can help you stay focused and organized. Make sure it’s as far away from distractions as possible, and make yourself areas to keep materials for each class. This goes a long way psychologically, as you train yourself to work there, not play.

4-Connect with you instructor.

Much of college success depends upon being able to gauge an instructor’s expectations and then meeting those expectations. So don’t leave questions unanswered. Online instructors expect you to ask if you need help or clarification.

5-Read the directions.

Make sure that, before you’ve ever begun the first lesson, you have thoroughly read the syllabus and understand all of the instructor’s expectations, policies and deadlines. Aside from the coursework, make sure you’ve completed the tutorials for using the class software, so that you can open and upload assignments, join in chats and post on forums – on deadline.

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