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FAFSA help is on the way

FAFSA help is on the way


FAFSA help is right around the corner. Are you feeling paralyzed by the thought of filling out your Free Application For Federal Student Aid? Is FAFSA fear enough to make you do anything – like dishes or cleaning – to procrastinate? Don’t let the application scare you.

Last year, more than $2.7 billion dollars in financial aid went unclaimed. Think about this: if you fill out the application, you have at least an 85 percent chance of getting some kind of financial aid, and 92 percent of applicants from low-income households receive grant money, which never has to be paid back.

Where to go for FAFSA help

It is easy to find FAFSA help online or at local events:

  1. Check out our other blog posts on this topic like De-mystifying FAFSA and FAFSA: The Details. These posts offer FAFSA help by illustrating the steps you’ll need to take in order to apply for Federal aid.
  2. Check out the FAFSA website. There you will find that you will be guided step-by-step through the application process, with explanations and tips offered along the way. It really is as easy as following directions.
  3. Get some face time with someone who knows what’s up. Talk to your guidance counselor or college advisor to ask for FAFSA help like gathering information or filling out the forms.
  4. Attend a FAFSA help event at your school or local college, where you can complete your FAFSA at the event. Check out some local connections for 2016-17 events. Sometimes incentives are offered to attendees, from pizza to a new iPad, either of which is a good thing!
  5. Check out these FAFSA videos, which are designed to answer questions about FAFSA. This resource answers very specific questions – some of which may be your own.
  6. Complete your application with a friend. A little support and a laugh never hurts a thing. Two heads really are better than one.

Don’t let the FAFSA stand in the way of your tuition assistance. It is, after all, a gateway to funds that can either help or fully take care of the cost of your education.

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