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Confidence and Grades Directly Related

Confidence and Grades Directly Related

Is there any truth behind the notion that confidence affects grades?

Well… Maybe. Let’s look and see.

Confidence and My Performance

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Based on the diagram above, quite a lot goes into our confidence and what we expect of it. Beyond that, look at what comes out. Now, the logistics of that entire diagram can get a bit lengthy and to some degree a little complicated, But we’re just going to focus on what goes into confidence (seen in the middle box) and how that affects our effort and persistence (seen in the top box on the right).

Most of us are aware that the kind of person we are is essentially the result of our experiences. The way that we perceive and respond to things all begins with what we’ve experienced. This plays a part in our levels of confidence, which play a part in how we perform. Various studies have come to support that when you believe you can do something, the chances of attaining positive results are much, much higher. I just think that it’s amazing how powerful our minds are and how we, ourselves, can sometimes wind up subverting our outcomes and our perception of those outcomes. Also, while we might not have total control over many situations… in college, it stands to reason that for the most part, we do.

So… How do I become, at least, a little more confident?

As mentioned before, we feed off of our experiences. However, what some of us may not realize is that many times – not always – we can control our experiences, what we choose to absorb and our reactions to said experiences and other stimuli (this referring to things like social media, music and other forms of ‘entertainment’).

Here, I’ve pulled together a few tips on subtle ways to boost your self confidence:

  1. Think positively…even if you don’t want to. Often, students spend time asking “what ifs” and worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet! How many times have you wondered, “What if I don’t do well on this test?” or “What if I can’t even pass this class?” Next time, try asking “What if it all works out?” instead.
  2. Filter what you listen to. If you are constantly in the space of people who are typically negative about things, you may need to spend less time with them OR, as you begin to speak more positive things, encourage them to do the same. Also, try to avoid depressing music if you can.
  3. Say “I CAN AND I WILL.” As simple as it is, doing this in the morning before leaving for school can tremendously help your attitude towards the day in general, not to mention passing a test. Say it before you study, before you work out, before that exam and keep on saying it!
  4. STUDY. STUDY. STUDY. Honestly, I should have listed this first, but I didn’t want to bore you. It goes without saying that when you actually take the time to study, you feel more confident in what you can do AND the chances of your success are at an all-time high!

Regardless of how things are actually going, it is crucial to take control of how YOU perceive it all. You know…“Is it a glass half full or half empty” kind of thing? Taking time to re-calibrate and to be positive, believing in yourself could mean the world of difference when you are in college. More confidence could improve the way you approach your work and, therefore, the results of said work. Still with me? Don’t give up and don’t succumb to college frustrations. YOU CAN AND YOU WILL and, as someone once told me, “This too shall pass.”  😉 

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