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Can’t Remember? Try snacking!

Can’t Remember? Try snacking!

Alright, alright I’ll admit that I am terrible with names and to compensate, I often say, “Wait – don’t worry. I’m good with faces.”  Still, I feel inadequate because, of course, I really should remember. It’s the same sometimes with my school work and though not uncommon, this isn’t great either.  Many of us struggle with memory recall. From names and encounters to conversations and school work, details are often lost in the maze of our minds.

Some people turn to medication, extra sleep or even hypnosis (yes hypnosis) to help with memory. Others turn to food. Have you ever considered it? While diet ‘fads’ are a thing, that’s not what I’ll be recommending. Studies show that eating the same foods traditionally found in Mediterranean diets might be crucial to maintaining proper cognitive health (i.e. better memory *wink wink*). The following is a list of foods that research says are great for memory.

*Some of these may be bought in a powdered form and mixed into tea or coffee, while others may be eaten whole or even juiced based on preference.*

  1. Walnuts– The omega 3 fatty acids in these little ‘golden nuggets’ also help with cardiovascular health blood pressure!
  2. Kale (dark green leafy veggies)– Get your vitamin E and folate in 😉
  3. Blueberries (or dark berries in general)– Flavonoids present in these berries fight the inflammation linked to cognitive degeneration.
  4. Dark chocolate– Power-packed with antioxidants, this sweet treat helps to prevent brain cell damage.
  5. Oranges– More Flavonoids, people! Go on and activate the pathways to your hippocampus and boost that memory.
  6. Whole grains– Complex carbs, fiber and Omega 3 acids found in these grains boost mental awareness and energy.
  7. Olive oil– Known to help fight Alzheimer’s disease, this oil is full of just the right antioxidants to keep your brain on track!
  8. Turmeric– Curcumin is the super antioxidant in turmeric that does it. Anti-inflammatory properties are just a bonus 🙂
  9. Pumpkin seeds– These little guys are rich in zinc, vitamin B and magnesium…perfect for enhancing those memory skills!
  10. Green tea– This has been hailed for its many benefits like its effects on heart disease and cancer. Well, guess what? Boosting memory is also on that list. Go get some.
  11. Eggs– A great source of choline, which helps to produce acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter involved in memory. Sweet.
  12. Salmon (or other kinds of fatty fish)– Again with the Omega 3’s, folks. This nutrient is highly essential for learning and memory.

I tried to keep the list as short as possible, BUT there are still lots of other foods that are good for memory, too! No one expects you to remember every single thing, but while in college, I say it’s best to remember as much as you possibly can. Thank me later…when finals come around.

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