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Advantages to online classes

Advantages to online classes

The year 2020 has been one like no other and it has changed the way college students have been able to continue their education. We have been shifted to an online world full of Zoom classes and doing all of our course work at home, but there are quite a few advantages to taking online classes. 

Getting Ahead

Online classes give you an opportunity to do something in-person classes don’t really allow: you are able to work ahead. When an online class opens, you are able to review the whole course and see what is in store for the semester ahead. Working ahead allows you to get through the syllabus information and introduction chapters a little more quickly and into the new material you will be learning in the course.  

When you work ahead and stumble upon course material you do not understand, it gives you more time to ask questions. Most online classes (most classes in general, really), have a general class discussion forum that can be very beneficial. You can see where other students have questions and professors and instructors respond in the discussion forums rather quickly. Professors and instructors are there to help you and guide you through your educational journey; if you cannot find the answer in the general class discussion forum, email your professor directly.  

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Another advantage of online classes is that you can work on your assignments according to your schedule. As a student with two jobs, I work on my assignments either early in the morning before work, late at night after work, and a lot on the weekends. As inconvenient as that may sound, it’s actually very beneficial to completing my assignments on time and even ahead of schedule. 

Custom Workspace

One of my favorite advantages of online classes is that I have everything I could possibly need at home while working. All my school supplies, more desk space, a bottle of water, snacks, light music playing in the background. I am able to set up an environment that works best for me, which helps me be more productive because I am more comfortable in my workspace. 

Online classes are how I completed most of my Associates’s degree here at St. Petersburg College and are currently how I have done all of my bachelor courses as well. While online classes may seem intimidating at first, they have a lot more advantages than you may think!

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