appleSt. Petersburg College’s primary health provider, Aetna, offers a wealth of resources to encourage our employees to improve their health and overall wellness.

Simple Steps Health Risk Assessment

Completion of the online Simple Steps Health Risk Assessment is one of the two wellness options (on-campus biometric screenings is the other) SPC employees have to qualify for the 2014 “Preferred Insurance Rate.”

The online Simple Steps Health Risk Assessment is a confidential and secure 20- minute questionnaire that can help you identify some of your health needs. You will need to log into the Aetna website to complete your confidential assessment

After you complete the assessment, you will receive easy to understand Health Reports, a one-page Health Summary and personalized Action Plan. Budgeted employees are eligible to use this feature.

Completion of the Health Risk Assessment is worth 10 points in the Wellness Warriors Rewards Program.

Aetna offers confidential “Online Wellness Programs”

If you are interested in trying internet based wellness program, Aetna has a some valuable resources.  These online wellness programs are designed to help you with a variety of health concerns such as: Sleeping, Nutrition, Smoking, & Exercise.

Log into the Aetna website as you did to complete your confidential Health Risk Assessment. This guide will help walk you through completing the Online Wellness Programs.

If you have any questions, please contact the SPC Wellness Coordinator at 727-341-3083.

Wellness Products and Discounts
To help people meet health and wellness goals, Aetna offers an array of wellness products, programs and discounts. These are value added programs, and not insurance. If you are an Aetna member, you may qualify for some of the programs outlined on the Aetna Web site’s Living Well page. Not all of the programs listed on their site are available to our employees. For more information, call the number on your member ID card or contact Human Resources.

For Your Health
Check out our list of topical fliers aimed at providing you with information to help you take an active role in the management of your health:


Aetna InteliHealth’s mission is to empower people with trusted solutions for healthier lives through its exclusive relationships with Harvard Medical School.

Through Aetna InteliHealth, Aetna seeks to educate the public with trusted health information so that health consumers, in partnership with their health care professionals, take an active role in health care decisions.

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