SPC Nursing Students to the Rescue

Level 3 Nursing students; Pa Ly, Emily Dwyer, Stephen Welch, and Aryan Szczarowski (not pictured) combing through 20 bags of soiled laundry searching for a client’s eye glasses after they were inadvertently placed in the linen bag after staff had changed the linens. The nurse manager, client and family recognized the nursing students by awarding … Continue reading SPC Nursing Students to the Rescue

Kicking off Healthy Heart Month with SNA

This year the St. Petersburg College Student Nurses Association (SNA) decided to kick off it’s Healthy Heart month by hosting a badge making event, held here at the St. Petersburg College Health Education Center. The event took place on February 5th and February 6th and was a great success! The Health Education Center students were … Continue reading Kicking off Healthy Heart Month with SNA

Dental Hygiene Students Celebrate

In St. Petersburg College’s Dental Hygiene Associate of Science Program, both the freshmen and sophomore classes had a holiday party organized by Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA) to celebrate the successes and challenges of the fall semester. The party’s theme was the typical “ugly sweater” Christmas party, where 68 SADHA students got together dressed in … Continue reading Dental Hygiene Students Celebrate