Dental Hygiene Students Celebrate

dental hygiene students

In St. Petersburg College’s Dental Hygiene Associate of Science Program, both the freshmen and sophomore classes had a holiday party organized by Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA) to celebrate the successes and challenges of the fall semester.

The party’s theme was the typical “ugly sweater” Christmas party, where 68 SADHA students got together dressed in full holiday attire. This event was a great way to end the semester.

In our program,we have a mentorship system, where a sophomore student helps out a freshman with their classes, clinic and study habits. This event allowed the two classes to mingle and get to know each other a little more than just in the academic realm. The sophomore students have one more semester left until they graduate and become dental hygienists in the “real world”, and the freshmen have one more semester until they become a “big brother/big sister” to mentor the incoming freshman. It is a fun cycle.

The turnout was a great success, and a favorite part of the event was the white elephant gift exchange. Each student who participated brought a wrapped gift, and we went through the numbering system all the way to 75! There were lots of gifts stolen, taken back, then stolen again. Tons of laughs and fun memories were made, and that brought everyone into the holiday spirit! Some favorite gifts were actual “white elephant” pants, candles, a cozy sweater, and a fleece blanket.

Students from each class brought in yummy dishes for appetizers and dessert, and the SADHA club provided pizza. It was a great event that lasted almost two hours!

Another highlight of the event was the musical entertainment by one of the Sophomore students, Nataliia Voitovych. She brought in a traditional Ukrainian instrument and played it while singing the traditional Christmas carol,“Silent Night”. She sang the first verse in Ukraine, and then the second verse in English. It was a beautiful display of her talent, and everyone gave a standing ovation! It is so nice to see the other outside talents our students possess!

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