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Relaxed Interns Ready for Classrooms

teacher assists student at whiteboard

St. Petersburg College’s College of Education interns recently celebrated their graduation, and although the celebration was virtual, excitement, anticipation and curiosity were in the air! Sherri Kent-Roberts, Liaison for the Office of School Partnerships, Francine Fuentes, Administrative Services Specialist, and Margaret Bowman, Sr. Academic Program Director, welcomed our amazing interns about to embark on their … Continue reading Relaxed Interns Ready for Classrooms

Alternate Route, Passion to Teach

Are you eligible to take an alternate route and become a teacher in a 3 semester program? Do you have a passion for education? Meet Dr. Poulin on Wednesday, November 7th at 5:30, and see if this is your future. Educator Prep Institutes are designed for baccalaureate degree holders to become certified teachers.  If you have … Continue reading Alternate Route, Passion to Teach