SPC monitoring coronavirus COVID-19

The college is closely monitoring updates regarding coronavirus COVID-19. For the latest updates, visit the Pinellas County Health Department. For best practices for prevention and containment, you can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For updates relating to the college, please consult our Emergency Preparedness Blog.

SPC monitoring COVID-19

St. Petersburg College is working in conjunction with the Pinellas County Health Department to monitor the current outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19. The Pinellas County Health Department, a division of the Florida Department of Health, is in contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor the […]

Beware Coronavirus scams

The worldwide spread of the new Coronavirus is being used by bad guys to scare people into clicking on links, open malicious attachments, or give out confidential information. Be careful with anything related to the Coronavirus: emails, attachments, any social media, texts on your phone – anything. Look out for […]