Staff Spotlight

This week’s Shout-outs go to:

Yolanda Perez, Administrative Services Assistant
Yolanda is being recognized for going above and beyond as an SPC employee by volunteering her time for multiple efforts, which includes the H.O.T. Cares Team and Discovery Day. During her time on the H.O.T Cares Team, she’s played a key role in the efforts to reach thousands of employees through personal calls and emails. Yolanda truly embodies the college’s focus on a Community of Care. Thank you Yolanda, for everything you do! 

Kevin Gaffrey, Student Support Specialist
Kevin is recognized for being a tireless worker who always takes the extra step to assist and educate students. He embraces opportunities to expand both the services he provides and the responsibilities he assumes in the Clearwater Business Office. Kevin is an outstanding member of a highly effective team. Nice work, Kevin!

Marina Laca, Senior Administrative Services Assistant
Marina is recognized for being responsive to faculty needs and concerns and is very willing and happy to listen, explain and provide information promptly. Marina’s organizational skills are excellent while she is juggling many courses. There is a great deal going in Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Seminole campus and the online courses. She keeps the department operating at top efficiency. Marina knows just about everything SPC. If she happens not to, which is rare, she will get the instructor the information very fast with the link that is needed. On top of everything, she is pleasant, friendly, and positive. Great job, Marina! 
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  1. Jessica Sager | | Reply

    OK Kevin and Yolanda, well deserved!

    Great work everyone.


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