Midtown offering 12 in 12

Students who wish to accelerate their credits and get a bit closer to their degree can do so at St. Petersburg College’s Midtown Center with a new 12 in 12 opportunity. This unique Express Session allows students to take four classes, earning 12 credits in just 12 weeks. This helps to take the guesswork out of what to take and when, with the convenience of a schedule that makes sense for their needs. Students who have not yet registered for the spring will still have the ability to complete a full term. 

The four classes, humanities, political science, speech communication and English composition, allow students to complete 12 hours of core requirements by attending classes for about four hours per day, Monday through Thursday, for the duration of the session.

The 12 in 12 session begins Feb. 10. Students who are interested should contact their advisor. Or for more information, email Takita Cuthbertson at cuthbertson.takita@spcollege.edu.

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