Discovery Day 2019 in the books

Yes, Discovery Day is a day of professional development. A day when SPC employees can learn about a variety of topics, from self-publishing to retirement to raising cichlids. But it’s also a day when we get to see old friends, put faces to names and give hugs where usually there are only emails. Discovery Day 2019 was no different. The SPC family met on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at the Clearwater Campus for a day of reunion, development and inspiration.

Attendees enjoyed breakfast, coffee and a chance to pick up swag and freshen up their professional head shot before heading off to one of the dozens of presentations offered during each of the five sessions. Lunch was a time to relax with friends over a sub or salad from Nature’s Table, then perhaps a lawn game or a treat from Funnel Cakes, Kona Ice, Brea’s Teas or Poppin’ Popcorn. Or all of them –there was no charge nor judgment!

If you sat for a head shot, you can find and download your portrait here.

Keynote speaker Delatorro McNeal had everyone on their feet or engaged in call and response throughout his rousing presentation, “How to Burn Brightly Without Burning Out,” which encouraged the audience to take care of themselves and take charge of their lives and attitudes – and to have fun every day.

Book drive organizer Dr. Meg Delgato said more than 500 books for children and young adults were donated by SPC family, with many more people reaching out to say they would donate later in the week.

At the end of the day, Women on the Way opened their clothing closet, inviting everyone to come in and do some shopping. This writer is currently wearing an adorable black skirt from the closet – thanks, Ms. Shirley Crumbley!

SPC President Dr. Tonjua Williams offered her President’s Message sessions, where she looked ahead seven years to the college’s 100th birthday in 2027, challenging the audience to think about what they want SPC to be in seven years.  

“The lives we’re changing will be different,” she said. “We need to work on the possibilities: What they have, and what can happen.”

Williams discussed how SPC is going about reaching higher, including:

  • Increasing enrollment through strategic marketing to target specific groups and programs
  • Making sure our programs are student-focused and are meeting workforce demands
  • Closing achievement gaps, specifically among African American males

She also vowed to enrich employee engagement and experience by acting on employee feedback, building trust, listening to employee voices and taking action. Williams also announced a $500 stipend to be awarded to budgeted employees in their Nov. 15 paychecks, and promised an upcoming compensation study to ensure that salaries are aligned with responsibility levels.

Williams noted that to meet our centennial goals for 2027, we have some work to do.

“We want to be the premier, the best, and the most effective college with the largest impact. We only have seven years, so we have a lot to do. But we’re SPC; We’ve got this.”

Enjoy these and more photos from Discovery Day 2019!

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