CROP students participate in Engineering EXPO/learn about financial aid

College Reach-Out Program  participants participated in a the USF Engineering EXPO on February 15t

Students were exposed to various engineering exhibits and interacted with USF students. The theme of the Expo was “Sea the Future”.

CROP students visited exhibits such as Ping Pong Ball Explosion, Smoke Bubbles, and Exploding Gummy Bears, all of which presented ways that various engineering fields contribute to changing the world. The interaction for CROP middle and high school students among college students pursuing careers in engineering and technology.  The event was hosted by USF students, professional engineering organizations, government agencies, schools and community organizations.

Student outcomes from the event is they learned about how math and science combine to create new technologies and types of careers in engineer and technology.

Students departed the college tour with a clear understanding of the admissions process and excited to become Gators in the near future.

90% of students surveyed responded the event motivated them to pursue a post-secondary education.

100% of students surveyed indicated that during the activity, they learned something they did not know before.

90% of students answered that the experience has strengthened their understanding of the benefits of a post-secondary education.

90% of students would recommend this trip to their friends.

Other comments from the survey prompt indicated that students enjoyed:

  • “walking around the campus and seeing things I’ve never seen before”
  • “the robot”
  • “when we talked about how to recycle water”
  • “being able to see how college students are always busy and the projects students invented”

CROP Program Collaborates with SPC Financial Aid

Mr. Todd Smith, Executive Director of Financial Assistance Services,  presented Financial Aid 101 Seminar to parent and students at the SPC Midtown campus on February 19th.  Mr. Smith discussed with the parents and students the following:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Comparison of Financial Aid for three institutions
  • Scholarships
  • Resources

100% of students responded the event fostered academic, personal, and career development

100% of students indicated that the information provided was valuable

100% of students answered that the experience has strengthened their understanding of the benefits of a postsecondary education

100% of students would recommend this trip to their friends

Other comments from the survey prompt included:

  • “Learning about Pell Grant”
  • “I realized all scholarships that can help me pay for college ”
  • “The lesson learned”
  • “This was such a very informative meeting”

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