New Zealand educator and advocate to guest lecture at SPC

Susan Stevenson, executive director of the Freedom Institute of Higher Education (FIHE) in Hamilton, New Zealand, will be a guest lecturer at SPC during the week of March 25-28.

Stevenson will be presenting a lecture, which will be open to the public, titled Embracing Global Cultural Differences Through Education – A Pathway to Freedom, Social Justice and Inclusion in New Zealand at 11 a.m. and again at 7 p.m. on Wed., March 27 at the Music Center.

In addition to her lectures, she will also meet with the Center for International Programs, and she will conduct classroom visitations in various departments.

Stevenson has been successfully engaged in advanced educational, academic, health and business leadership, educational facilitation and research activities for over 30 years in New Zealand. She founded the Business and Education consulting firm House of Montrose Limited in 2006, the New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute and is currently the President of the International Higher Education Curriculum Designer & Academic Leadership Society. Her areas of expertise include institutional and staff capacity building, curriculum design and advanced transformational learning by individuals and organizations.

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