Explore SPC is just around the corner

Explore SPC

The 2019 Explore SPC event will be held March 26-28. Explore SPC is aimed at specific audiences, including high school seniors, community members, those who have inquired about SPC but have not applied, and SPC grads with A.A. or A.S. degrees or certificates who might want to pursue a higher degree.

Individuals interested in attending Explore SPC can request a reminder email or text message about the event on the official landing page.

The event is being promoted through multiple channels including an email campaign that began this week, social media posts and direct mail pieces that start Feb. 26, and radio ads that will run March 19-27. Print collateral about Explore SPC also has been delivered to each campus so it can be distributed.

You can help spread the word, as well, via social media or by sharing information with anyone you think would benefit from the event. Don’t forget to tell them that registration fees will be waived during the event!

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