Website merger moves forward

New Degrees and Training Page

As part of the college’s website merger project, Marketing will start the process of transitioning the academic program pages on the site to the site beginning Friday, Feb. 15.

Those who visit the former Career and Academic Community pages will be redirected to the corresponding content on the site. In some instances, they may receive an error message that will direct them via hyperlink to the Degrees and Training web page on the site. From there, they can easily access the content they are looking for.

If you have bookmarked specific academic pages or use the URLS in email signatures, please remove the old links and bookmark the new hyperlinks.

These show a comparison of an academic page on each site. You will notice the similarity in layout, with a refreshed look and additional features, including salary data. The attachment also includes the revised look and functionality of the Degrees and Training page, which features drop-down buttons for programs as well as information about degree options.

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