SPC Foundation 2017 Innovation Grant recipients announced

I am pleased to report that 27 projects will receive funding totaling more than $68,000 this year.  That is up from 20 grant recipients receiving $55,000 in funding last year.  Since we launched the program in 2011, the Foundation has awarded close to $400,000 for a range of projects that reflect the dedication and talent of SPC’s outstanding faculty and staff.

For your interest, this year’s Innovation Grant recipients are listed below.

SPC Foundation 2017 Innovation Grant Recipients
Last Name First name Project Name
Blanchard Susan Opening Doors to the Teaching Profession for Underrepresented Candidates
Brzezinski Sara International Faculty Development Seminar with CIEE – Cuba
Carmody Cindy Single-Hand Keyboard
Colaric Susan 2017 Fall STEM Festival
Cooper Scott Summer Theater Performance (Technical and Performing)
Davis Michael 1) SkyFi – Authentic Astronomical Viewing for Science Engagement 2) Faster than the Blink of an Eye
Davis Rodrigo Student Career Preparedness Leadership Project (SCPLP)
Delgato Meg Volunteer & Service Learning Fair: We Have the Cause; You Have the Effect
Greenley Bethany Game of Life
Harper-Judd Jill Jump Start Go! Preparing Students for A&P
Jean-Felix Michael Ecosystem Campus Visit Fund
Jorgensen-Zidar Nikole HoloLens: Holographic Enhanced Learning
Lara Monica Collection of Marine Plankton from Nearshore Environments and Undergraduate Research
Lewis Mary Innovative Teaching Strategies for Nursing Theory
Mairn Chad 1) Virtual Reality: A Renaissance  2) Graphs Geometry: Engaging and Illustrating Mathematics with 3D Printing
Graphs and Geometry: Engaging and Illustrating Mathematics with 3D Printing
Manson David 2017 St. Petersburg Jazz Festival Music Workshops
Menard Ray The Eyes Have It
Michael Marilyn 2017 Summer Vocal Institute: The Art of Bel Canto
Muehl Nathan Harmony Director Instructional Keyboard for SPC Music Ensembles
Pelletier Scott FISDAP Preceptor Account Implementation
Renc-Carter Christine AQUIFERious: Florida’s Springs exhibition public panel discussion & student photography competition
Siegler Katherine Dino DNA
Thomas Kevin Electronic Crimes Investigation Student Training Lab
Ulrich Shannon From Making Media to Martian Microbes: Supporting Microbiology Research Projects for Students
Wolf Lynn Certified Resume Credential for Student Success

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  1. Sherri Kent-Roberts | | Reply

    So Proud of everyone, but especially my colleagues in the COE!

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