SPC’s Downtown Campus mural started

Painting the mural at Downtown Campus

William Morris wrote “I do not want Art for a few, any more than Education for a few or Freedom for a few.”

With that spirit and one year of planning, the St. Petersburg College Downtown Campus has begun their outdoor mural. The mural will face Williams Park on the west side of the building, and can be seen when standing at the corner of Second Ave. and Third St. N. The mural is anticipated to be completed by December 23.

The mural is part of SPC’s Center for Civic Learning & Community Engagement Civic Art movement, a college-wide effort highlighting the diversity of civic engagement. It seeks to develop pathways between our unique community and students’ varied civic interests. Recognizing that art has always been a conduit of civic expression, this effort is meaningful to both our students and the community.  It is being funded by a combination of Student Life and Student Government funds and a donation from the Friends of Williams Park organization.

The SPC Downtown mural concept is one of color, design and metaphor, depicting the relationship of man and woman and the power of innovation. The image of the man and woman positioned in the center is based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian man. The figures, who stand with arms spread open, draws the eye of the viewer along the length of the wall, emphasizing its’ impact and weight in the community.

The golden ratio, or divine proportion, spirals out from behind him. The design is iconic and speaks of both innovation and antiquity. This proportion embodies the first mathematics associated with the structure of the universe. This image, formed by nature and harnessed by humans, is a beautiful and understated illustration of the world in which we live. From the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio is a series of numbers that can be seen repeating in both nature and human design. Claimed to be the most aesthetically pleasing ratio, the shapes created from this divine proportion inspire a sense of hope and vision through the deliberate structuring of line and form while connecting art, science, mathematics and mankind. The mural will be a longstanding viable testament to SPC’s commitment to access and excellence in education, and to celebrate the diversity of civic engagement.




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    This is fantastic!! Who is the artist?

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