Faces of the Feminine art show runs through July 6

Faces of the Feminine: Superheroines and Popular Culture is on display through July 6 at the Seminole Campus library. The art show is part of a thesis project by Dr. Brandy Stark, a humanities instructor at SPC Downtown. It researches comic book female superheroes, femininity and pop culture, identifying how artists connect with and express modern pop culture manifestations through the theme.

The featured works, which may reflect known superheroines, independent characters and interpretive art, will be dispersed throughout the library on easels or hung on walls, and will be featured in a display case. Artists displaying in the library include Francine Delgato, Dan Falco, Lyle Polyak, Terry Reid, Roxie Spell, Jude Bagatti and Diego Marcial Rios.

In conjunction with the show, the library also will host three related events:

  • June 9, 1 p.m.: “The Incredibles” (PG) – After being the focus of numerous lawsuits, the superheroes of the world are forced to abandon adventuring and lead normal lives until a worldwide threat forces one family out of hiding.
  • June 15, 7 p.m.: Stark will present on the evolving role of superheroines in popular culture, such as Wonder Woman and other significant Gold, Silver and Bronze Age comic book heroines.
  • June 25, 11 a.m.: Local artist Lyle Polyak will discuss the use of computer software and technology to create specialized comic book panels and pages.

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