Fall Lineup for SPC Arts Info Fest

Who doesn’t love the Arts?  This Fall, we highlight our music, media, photography, performing and visual arts programs at SPC’s virtual Arts Info Fest.  The first will be next Tuesday, Sept. 21. Hosted by Arts Humanities and Design, students can ask questions and find out how to kickstart their creative career with these skills.   Each of the sessions below will be held on a

SPC Music of the Week

SPC Music of the Week features student/alumni music creations to promote internal and external awareness of the SPC Music programs. This week we are featuring MIRA students Tyler Corbin, Abi Hettritch, Nathalie Lopez and their music selection, Mr. Take It Slow, performed by The Inevitable. Learn more about this project on the Humanities

News from the Travel desk in Accounts Payable

Electronic Payment requests (EChecks) are now being accepted for approved Travel (TAR) related requests. You can now submit electronic payment requests for allowable advances/expenses for funds 10, 12 and 25. Detailed instructions available here:  https://spcollegeedu.sharepoint.com/sites/ocs/admin/ABS/BusServ/Travel/SitePages/Travel_Home.aspx Due to the increase in submission of electronic EChecks you can now submit requests up

SPC partners with Finance Park

St. Petersburg College was given the opportunity to outfit a space at Finance Park, an immersive field trip experience designed to prepare students for making sound financial decisions after high school. The college welcomed the chance to show students what SPC has to offer them. Read more about this new