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NOTE: Program completed

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Course: Aug 14-Dec 8, 2017
Travel: Nov 4-13, 2017

SPC College of Education students will volunteer in the public schools in Negril, Jamaica, for approximately 35 hours in a one-week period, through an organization called Great Shape!, Inc., that was established in 1988.

One of Great Shape’s programs is called SuperKids, an initiative to help improve literacy with Jamaican children. In addition, volunteers work with children in the areas of art, computers, music, and physical education. In the schools, College of Education preservice teachers will teach small and large group lessons, work side by side with Jamaican teachers and interact with children in a variety of activities throughout the school day. The experience would count towards part of the required practicum hours (up to 25) for EDE 4942.

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Available courses – Students must enroll in the course listed below during the fall 2017 semester in order to be able to participate.

Note: Students must confirm with an academic advisor that they meet all college enrollment requirements AND course prerequisites to be eligible to enroll in the course listed. Students receiving financial aid must confirm with a financial aid advisor whether their study abroad course will be covered by financial aid.

Professor: Cher Gauweiler 

EDE 4942 Integrated Language Arts, Children’s Literature and Social Science Practicum 1 credit

Lead faculty contacts
After you submit the application online, we will review your application and e-mail you with details of scheduling your interview with the Jamaica program lead faculty, Melissa McAllister , 727-712-5205.

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